Nier Automata is a game that stands out in 2017 as one of the more innovative releases. Every detail of this game has been carefully thought out as well as brilliantly executed. Here are our 5 tips for beginners to the game.

You can fish for robotic (not so) dinner

It’s important to know that fishing is one of the things you can do early game to grab some extra cash. With some pretty good weaponry available after a short mission right at the start of the game. You will want to fill up your coin purse to accommodate your now growing weapon addiction. With some pretty high selling prices, its something every beginner should try out.

Just don’t try to eat the fish… (specifically mackerel)

You can ride animals

Roaming around a map can be frustrating at times. Nier counters this by adding an interesting feature in the game. With a relatively small investment you can start to ride animals, complete with hyper jumping and drifting.

Spamming dodge

You can literally spam the dodge/counter button in this game. With next to ZERO recovery time it is easy to justify the use of the cool mechanic. A successful dodge allows you to counter the opponent with a barrage of attacks. Just be wary of the weight of your opponent, you may not want to up slash everyone. Bigger opponents will not follow you as you slash upwards to the sky.

Looting corpses

This sounds a little sadistic and cruel, however, your fellow comrades play an important role in their death. They allow you access to a small amount of experience and cash as well as some system chips which give you buffs. They also serve a more sinister second purpose. An increase in the amount of dead bodies will always mean that something that has been able to kill your fellow players is around.

Gliding is good

I didn’t actually realise you could glide in the game until about 3 or 4 hours in. Gliding can be done by holding the jump button whilst in mid air. You can safely make your way down deep ravines from high points in the map. You can also use this feature in combat to dash out to an enemy that above water to then use the glide feature to get back to safety.

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