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At Gemcode, we work together in a industry that we spend a large amount of our personal time in. A lot of content creators have specific niches and larger gaming sites dont have the rapport within specific communities.

We want to create a platform for gamers and developers to put out their best work and create the content gamers want. Our mission at Gemcode is very simple, we want to bring the best from the world of gaming into the spotlight.

Hamza Afridi (aka WeirdSpark) is the marketing lead at Gemcode. Planning marketing strategies and getting the most out of content are his specialties, (natuarally, coming from an online marketing background). He loves to play all games from RTS to fighting games and everything in between. His passions outside of gaming and marketing include martial arts.

Mo ‘Trollimitzu’ Ali is the founder of Gemcode. Dealing with the bigger picture stuff, Mo talks to agencies, developers as well as the community to make sure he can deliver the best and most up to date gaming news. He also doubles up as the resident competitive Tekken player, attending numerous tournaments and placing top 16 in national majors. Mo certainly likes to keep himself busy with nurturing Gemcode and competing at a professional level.

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