En Masse Entertainment Celebrates Arrival of Open Beta with New Launch Trailer and Behind-the-Scenes Livestream Today.

An open Beta for a new action RPG, Kritika Online was launched earlier this week by En Masse Entertainment; a gaming publisher made entirely of hardcore gamers and gaming veterans.

The Open Beta will begin with a live stream on www.twitch.tv/EnMasseEntertainment between 1pm-3pm on 29th June 2017.

The Stream will feature a behind the scenes look at the development of Kritika Online and how it has evolved since its closed beta with giveaways and live player dungeon runs and other in-game adventures.

Game Developer Seong Beom Ahn and Voice Actor Brianna Knickerbocker will also be present on stream.

Kritika Online Gameplay

Player Bonuses

Limited time events are also being added to the game to welcome new players that have just recently joined the game which include attendance bonuses, leveling rewards and PvP prizes which will be available to players who reach level 15 and beyond before the game’s official release.

Kritika Online players can also compete against each other in the Kritikal Hit PvP Kampaign, which will offer players new challenges and rewards each week through 24th July 2017.

Kritika Online Events

Class and Party System

Four Unique Classes are available in Kritika Online – the fierce Warrior, the magical Gunmage, the agile Rogue, or the deadly Reaper.

Warrior class – A dominant melee fighter who boasts of exceptional physical prowess, the Warrior evolves into a Burst Berserker, Raging Berserker or Demon Blade.

Gunmage class – A specialized fighter that uses the combination of guns and magic, he eliminates anyone who stands in his path.  The Mage can become a Shadow Mage, Dimension Controller or Freezing Blaster.

Rogue class – A nimble fighter capable of attacking in quick succession, the Rogue sharpens her skills to become a Cat Acrobat, Crimson Assassin or Mystic Wolf Guardian.

Reaper class – A melee fighter who cuts down her foes with her giant scythe. The Scyther’s true potential is revealed once she advances to become a Valkyrie or Blood Fairy.

Players can either solo through the game or form parties with friends and fellow players in order to defeat bosses or clear high level dungeons; or just to share in each other’s adventure.

Kritika Online Classes

To learn more about Kritika Online visit the official website or follow the game on Twitter and Facebook or to sign up to the beta click here.

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