Venom and Little Big PR have teamed up to create a media outreach initiative. Several new and exciting products are in line to be released throughout 2017.

As a leading UK seller of quality gaming accessories, Venom have taken a step into filling a gap in the market with the help of PR agency – Little Big PR. With the recent closure of Madcatz, a big piece of the market has been left to be filled.

Venom has wasted no time in appointing industry professionals Alex Verry and Gareth Williams from Little Big PR to help with PR outreach. Aiming to raise their profile across business and consumer demographics, Venom have high hopes for the future. This comes as no surprise following the success of Venoms launch of Nintendo Switch compatible accessories which was overseen by Little Big PR.

2017 is set to be an exciting year for Venom with several new products across multiple platforms.

Tom Hodge, Director of Sales for Venom commented:

“The UK accessory market finds itself in an interesting position as of late with established players ebbing away and a lack of innovation and quality hampering growth in the sector. Venom are raising the bar in 2017 with new ideas, new product launches and a no-nonsense blend of quality and value which we believe can disrupt the market and grow our market share. Effective PR and Marketing are important tools as we march closer to key season and we look forward to extending our relationship with Little Big PR as we begin putting our strategy into action.”

For more information or to find out what Venom will be upto be sure to check out their social media.

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