In the modern world, everyone seems to be in pursuit of the next best piece of kit to bring their performance to the next level. With a plethora of different hardware that can potentially do this, its easy to forget about networking. Netgear have created a product to offer ungodly power with business suitable components. This is all to bring you the best in speed, reliability and performance.

Networking is often overlooked and is usually an afterthought in a gamers rig. Even though, most of the gaming we do today would not be possible without networking, it still remains a faceless aspect of modern gaming. Netgear aims to change this with their Nighthawk range which aims to redefine the current standard of networking. Business grade technology has been implemented into the Nighthawk products so that it is the ULTIMATE solution in networking.

Business grade technology is a great feature but for many people this means messy installation and setup. The Nighthawk S8000 has been designed to strip away the complexity that can come with such powerful technology. The Nighthawk comes pre-configured out of the box so that the user can get back to what they do best; gaming. While there are many advanced options that can allow you to combine port bandwidth, prioritise data streams or limit bandwidth that other ports have access to. The Nighthawk S8000 is the perfect plug and play router for gamers.

As well as great performance, Netgear have decided to step up the design of the product and make a typically ugly piece of kit much more appealing. Designed to be flaunted, the S8000 has stealth bomber aesthetics and serves as a visual deterrent to those who want to question its power.

This product has been road tested for real world performance, specs are only one side of the coin. The true test lies in the professional gaming environment. The S8000 has exceeded expectations by being the networking hardware of choice by MnM Gaming. Its performance and reliability was put through the test in a ‘Bootcamping’ session. That means 12 hours a day of competitive gaming to hone skills and develop strategies. On the backbone of that, the hardware you choose needs as enough endurance as you. The S8000 more than handled the challenge.

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