Players across the globe to compete for first Heavy Metal Machines competitive tournament consisting of a cash prize pool over €10,000.

Hoplon, a leading dewveloper in Brazil has announced that the upcoming car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines will be open for its ESports European Championship from 1st July. This is open for a limited time and is being facilitated by ESL Play.

The game is currently free to play on Steam.

You can register for free on the ESL play tournament page.

Fast paced action, simple visuals and great soundtrack set this game up for a place in the competitive scene. Hoplon is taking steps to ensure that Heavy Metal Machines is prepared for the competitive scene and has a long life as a MOBA game.

Players can register using the link above and the tournament dates and rounds are as follows:

  • 1st July – Registrations opening
  • 16th July – Qualifiers
    • First round – the Swiss Model will be used, which is broken down into rounds. Opponents being chosen at random.
    • Second round – winners play against winners and losers against losers.
    • Third round – has people who have played two and won two games pitted against each other. The same goes for those who have won one and lost one – they play each other, and those who’ve played two and lost two play one another.
  • 23rd July – Play-offs
    • Top eight teams from the Qualifiers advance to the Play-offs.
    • A double elimination bracket system will be used – everyone has to lose twice before they are eliminated.
  • 30th July – Main Finals (and Lower Bracket)
    • Lower Bracket Final is played between the last loser of the Upper Bracket and the Lower Bracket winner.
    • Main Final is played between the winner of the Lower Bracket Final and the winner of the Upper Bracket.
    • Second and third place game is not played – same prize pool


If you want to find out more about the game, follow their social media.

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