An updated and improved version of the successful ‘First Strike’ on Android and iOS. This new release of the game completely remasters and optimises the experience for PC users as well as the addition of gameplay options and content.

Take a look at the Dev Diary below to find out more about the thought process for this brand new game.

The game mechanics have been altered to increase strategic options with double the amount of super weapons as well as a new game mode which will allow players to form diplomatic agreements with super powers which you can choose to honor… or not.

Moritz Zumbuhl, President & CEO of Blindflug studios had this to say:

“Sadly, war is very much part of our world every day, and we’re pleased to bring First Strike: Final Hour to PC to reach a different audience to that of those who play the mobile version”
“As much as the game focuses on a serious topic threatening our daily lives, First Strike is still a lot of fun to play, which through this medium we hope the message gets across to people of a very grave and real hazard.”

You can grab this game on steam for a special launch price here: 30% OFF

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