After reading about the updates as well as the overall impression of the game on reddit and the internet I had mixed feelings about the game. These were mostly reviews from before the update so I had to take it with a pinch of salt. The common theme in the reviews were people mentioning other alternative ‘battle royale’ type games and why H1Z1 is either better or worse. In the end, I decided to approach the game with an open mind and make my own conclusion based on my personal experience on the game.

I could download and install the game within an hour with no major setbacks. Everything went well. My PC houses an 8GB R7 290 Graphics card as well as a FX8350 4.0Ghz Processor. It was more than able to handle the game at maximum graphics with the highest resolution. H1Z1 ran smoothly with no hiccups and I could get in a game in a matter of seconds.

On clicking solo, I find myself in a small area surrounded by what I can assume is the people I will be playing against, helpful boards are dotted around this area. They display important beginner information on vehicles, weapons and game mechanics. I took my time to read these in preparation for my first game in H1Z1. The descending timer on the screen prepare me for the start of the actual game.

I didn’t do very well but I did manage to loot some cool weapons a backpack and take a whole person down. I came 24th in the end by just being very careful and hiding inside buildings and behind trees when I could. The overall experience was, for the most part, better than I had expected and good compared to some other similar games I have played. I did have a falling out with the Map as there is no way for you to see where you are besides moving around and waiting for your location to update.

The utilisation of certain weapons and vehicles is not very friendly for first time users either. I had no luck trying to find or use a vehicle despite having read the beginner tips in the pre-game lobby and there is also no prompt to remind you to reload. That’s right, just because you have ammo and a gun doesn’t mean the game reloads this for you. You must reload it yourself.

The actual battle mechanics are up to standard and I had no issues with the way the game engaged you in a battle. I did feel that certain drops are useless in competitive play and are there just to make things interesting for beginners. I mean c’mon, who brings a grenade to a gunfight?

It is also important to mention that it took me 5 tries to get 24th, the first attempts were very shameful and the seemingly high learning curve can put people off. Though, after giving the game a fair try it is something I will continue to revisit. If you did want to make the game more enjoyable you could team up with other people or your friends. The game is cheap and won’t break the bank like other triple A titles.

If you asked me for a rating out of 10. I would give H1Z1 a respectable 7.5. The game clearly has potential and is fun, but, I feel the developers need to address issues that will scare newer players away. That is probably what they intended training mode to be, but let’s be honest, who plays through the tutorial anyway?

There have been some recent updates to this game too, primarily to do with guns and how they behave (naughty or nice lol). Click the play button below to see the official update video from the developers.

If you fancy getting H1Z1 you can get your copy on the steam store.

<3 from Gemcode.

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