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Will be the latest version (includes Bob and Master Raven)


Stream URL:

Pool 1

  • Bamagix
  • challenger91
  • CKT|UniFox
  • Dinosaur
  • FistFullOfPwn
  • Inti
  • Kaneandtrench
  • King Jae
  • kurinyanko
  • LeeSoExcellent
  • MBA RooKang
  • PND Ketchup
  • Trollimitzu
  • Zakuta
  • shoud
  • CherryBerryMango (CBM)

Pool 2

  • Hemorrhage king
  • AnInstantClassic
  • Azido
  • Dwnpour
  • Fastlegs of Fury
  • GreyR
  • Haroun
  • Kamen91
  • MBA Equinox
  • Random Dready
  • SFO Willo
  • SpiraNick
  • StarScream
  • trancEaddict
  • CKT Fergus
  • CKT Jackpotdante

Pool 3

  • AbXtreme
  • Arsenalty
  • CKT | SpaghettiRip
  • Cyborg
  • EspadaJerome
  • KNX
  • Manjiwolf
  • MBA | Ez
  • MBA_SynBadBreath
  • PND Mustard
  • Real Menace
  • Silverfox
  • The Phantom
  • UM | ZeroEx
  • VSF | Aixy
  • Bati

Pool 4

  • CKT Adnanish
  • Caiper
  • ACE
  • Eternal Dragon
  • EX Soldier
  • Jihad
  • JustinXavier
  • RandomHajile
  • ReeceBob
  • Shadow Force
  • Shirdel
  • SilentFury
  • umerkazama
  • Veggy

– 10am: Venue opens
– 11am: Group stages begin
– 4pm: Top 8 begins

– Will be running on the latest Arcade version featuring Bob and Master Raven
– 4 groups, 2 players from each group will progress to top 8 (where one player is in the winners side of the bracket and one is in the losers.
– Both group stages and top 8 will be following a Double Elimination format
– First to 3 rounds per match, first to 2 matches in a set to progress in the tournament. Grand Finals will be first to 3 matches for the player in the winner’s side, the player in the loser’s side will need to win 2 sets of first to 3 matches.
– Should player(s) be found colluding to manipulate results, all colluding players will be disqualified from the tournament. If said players would win the tournament, the qualifying spot will be passed down to the next highest placing player.

– All characters are allowed that’s on the character select screen.
– All stages allowed. Players are allowed to pick their own stage and the game will decide which one it will play on if picked stages are different.
– Players on the stream setup must pick the side that is indicated on stream to ensure the names are in the correct location
– If a player wins a match in a set, they must stick with that character until the set is over.

– Own controllers may be used however please see the list below if yours is compatible with the arcade. You may choose to use the arcade controls on the cabinet if you wish.
– Hori arcade sticks and Dualshock 4s can be provided however it is recommended to bring your own controller and charging cable particularly if you are using a Dualshock 4.
– Buttons cannot be remapped within the game therefore there will be no button checks.

Works on Arcade
– Dualshock 4 with charging cable (2013)
– MadCatz TE2 (2013, no touch pad)

Doesn’t work on Arcade
– Venom PS4 stick
– Madcatz Fightstick Alpha
– Xbox One Controller
– PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers

<3 from Gemcode.

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