Good news for Tekken fans across the globe. Today marks the day that the latest patch which addresses input lag has been addressed. Harada tweeted earlier this week about how his next update would address the input lag issue that most of the competitive scene are talking about.

Take a look below for the patch notes for Playstation 4:

Improved matchmaking system in online modes.

  • It will now take less time to find an opponent in online modes.
  • Improved user experience and usability in player match.

Better user interface in player match lobbies.

  • The UI has been optimised to allow players to leave sessions easily.

Fixed a small revenge match glitch.

  • Sometimes the opponents character and name are changed on the revenge match, this has now been fixed.

Sound adjustments in Jukebox.

  • BGM volume for Tekken 1,2,3 and 4 have been adjusted.

Customisation colors have been adjusted to avoid exploits. 

  • Fix an issue where certain items can be turned to completely black, this allows for an exploit with certain characters. In particular, Dragunov, where his entire body would be completely black.

Fixed Leo customisation issues.

  • Fixed a glitch where Leo’s upper body sometimes appears invisible when equipping certain items.

Game design adjustments.

  • Adjusted behaviour concerning certain characters movement
  • Fixed an issue where throw moves dont properly reflect rage status.

Elizas unlimited super has also been removed and the official patch notes included in game are as follows:

  • Changed revenge match restrictions in online mode.
  • Made adjustments to matchmaking conditions.
  • Made adjustments to game balance.
  • Fixed bugs to some customisation items.

It it worth mentioning that the input lag issue was not explicitly mentioned but Harada did promise to address this in this patch. Only time will tell if changes have been made.

SOURCE: TekkenGamer & Tekken

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