New Tower of Insolence Expansion and Multiple In-Game Events Offer Players More Opportunities to Earn Rewards Including Rune and XP

The Mobile MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution has reached over 5 million registered users. This is a massive landmark for the game and its players since its global launch in 54 countries only two months ago. In celebration of this landmark, Lineage 2: Revolution is rewarding its players with 5 Enhance Scroll items.

The game has recently seen new game modes that include large scale multiplayer siege game modes. This expansion of content is no doubt, one of the reasons the game has reached 5 million registered users. On top of this great news, Lineage 2: Revolution are now able to participate in an event which runs through 07:59 GMT, 18th January. Everyone who participates in this event will receive at least one piece of Grade-S equipment that is available through combining one Grade-R Varnish Selection Box.

Another event will also be playable on the 17th of January through 07:59 GMT. Players that clear five quests in this event will receive automatic levelling as well as two free clearances per day. The quests difficulties during this time will also be increased the boost the chances of sought after rewards. Some rewards for completing these quests will include Adena, Enhance Scroll Bundle as well as the Blessed Scroll Bundle depending on the number of quests the user chooses to complete.

To celebrate the new year, players who log-in from now until 07:59 GMT, 21st January will receive numerous letters and in-game items per day. Here are a list of the items available.

Blessed Scroll Selection Box
Auto-clear Bundle X3
Grade-A Quest Scroll Box
Grade-A Weapon Varnish
Grade-A Armor Varnish
Grade-B Accessory Varnish
30,000 Adenas
Enhance Scroll Selection Box

These rewards are based on the time each user logs in.

Make sure to log in to reap the benefits of these events.

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