Lucidsound has been making waves within the gaming industry as one of the fastest growing brands in gaming audio. The LS15X Wireless In-Ear Contour Gaming Headset (what a mouthful) provides an innovative wireless gaming solution.

Similar to the previously announced LS35X, the LS15X can connect directly to XBOX ONE consoles without the need for messy cables or frustrating base stations. It houses the same technology as XBOX ONE Controllers and can be configured automatically for hassle free setup.

Comfort and performance were at the forefront of the development model as the LS15X can sit on the shoulders and neck without being noticed. Extremely comfortable, unlike traditional headsets, these headsets make a great addition to any gamers arsenal. Those who wear glasses or earrings will reap the benefits of this product over other gaming audio solutions.

“LucidSound is designing and engineering new audio products for this generation of gaming,”

“In May of this year, we announced the world’s first headset to connect directly to Xbox One consoles and it means a lot to us to hear the positive reaction from the Xbox community. With the LS15X, we’re raising the bar, offering an entirely new concept in gaming audio which we feel will be a generational leap forward for Xbox gamers everywhere.”

– Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound.

Sitting comfortably in the ear with dockable earbuds the LS15X offers impressive levels of audio quality. The earbuds are also ‘Surround Sound Ready’ which can provide users an edge in the gaming world. Featuring rechargeable lithium-ion batteries the LS15X is readily able to connect to Windows 10 Machines that feature in-built XBOX Wireless Technology.

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