Many of the UK’s top players will be heading to the District G WAR Event this 6th of August. I was able to catch up with some of them and get their thoughts on the event, favorites to win as well as players they are gunning for.

Some players need no introduction, that is the case for London’s very own Dinosaur. Having had qualified for the Tekken 7 Grand Finals at MCM. This player has held his own against many of the nations better players. Not to mention some international talent. As I asked more questions, it became clear that Dinosaur wasn’t holding anything back and he said he was looking to beat ‘every player at District G’. Just for clarity he meant all players attending, not specifically players associated with District G.

We were also able to get a few words out of Gilgamesh, London’s resident Mishima player and Tekken analyst. He talked about his favorites to win and his passion for the game. In his eyes, Kaneandtrench is the future of UK Tekken. With solid knowledge of the game, strong mindset as well as the ability to adapt on the fly. Kane has made himself known in EU and the world for his astonishing performance and the UK Tour this year.

He asks all new players to get themselves to the event so that they can level up their game. Being able to take advantage of the vast knowledge among competitive players can give you that extra edge that it takes to win.

District G’s very own Strider was also able to talk to us. He wasnt calling anyone out as he took a step back from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and only came back in the later stages of its lifespan to respond to two callouts from Trollimitzu and Amouage King. He was able to beat these two players despite being away from the Tekken scene for a number of years. He has extended the offer to Trollimitzu and Amouage King to face him in the battlezone.

FT5 with Trollimitzu.

FT5 with Amouage King.

He also had a few words to say about his fellow team mates at District G. With big names like King Jae, C Krizzle, The Phantom, BonusJin as well as UK champ Kaneandtrench he invites all new players to district g. If you are serious about Tekken and want to level up, District G is the place to be. The last District G event was amazing, plenty of established players as well as new blood and it was the birth of the eSports team that is District G. The prize pot was a really nice touch to the event with District G’s very own Phantom taking home the gold.

They are hoping to bring more in the future with more support and backing as well as create hype for the community with the infamous battlezone. A place where players call each other out and settle the dispute in a 1V1 (Much like Strider VS. Amouage King).

Haroun also very kindly gave up his time to speak to us about the event and his thoughts. He thinks Kaneandtrench will win as he is the obvious candidate given what he has accomplished in the last 12 months. Otherwise, Haroun thinks RooKang will win the tournament. Both players have a line of accomplishments to their names and put in the time to practice too.

His advice to new players that want to get better at the game is to attend more events. Its not about winning, its about community, the scene and learning how to get better. No one can become a champion overnight, learning Tekken is a long process. More personally, Haroun remembers getting beaten by RooKang when he didnt know what punishers were and then facing him later on when he was better. It was a rewarding experience to see the growth from getting badly beat to competing as equals VS RooKang. Haroun also has come top 8 in many UK majors. Including VSF.

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