Nintendo Switch looks pretty amazing as it stands. It is a fusion of traditional gaming and Nintendos current forte of portable gaming. The showcase video did not give us nearly enough information as we would have liked.


So let us explore everything you might have missed in the video as well as some extra bits you probably dont know about.

For those avid fans out there, you will know that the internet has been swamped with rumours about this somewhat revolutionary console. The trailer does give away a few little bits of information, mainly that the consoles focus is to be portable and encourage local multiplayer on the go.


An official statement from Nintendo gives us some insight into what Nintendo are trying to achieve with their new console:

“Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles,”

Launch date

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch in March 2017. There is no specific date as of yet.



Given that this is somewhat of a teaser video, its understandable that Nintendo have had to skimp out on the details. We are hoping a price is released in 2016 but bear in mind the trailer did show a bunch of accessories. Expect there to be multiple bundles and price points on release. Time to start saving.



The Nintendo Switch features a Nvidia tegra processor that rivals some high end graphics card’s built by Nvidia. It has custom software and API access that allow game performance to be boosted. Nintendo seem like they are stepping up to the plate when it comes to processing power with their latest release.


It was pretty obvious in the trailer that this console is meant to be a fusion of two different types of consoles. When in the comfort of your own home the Nintendo Switch docks into its own throne which is then connected to your TV. It can be seamlessly turned into a portable gaming device by taking it out of its dock.


The reveal trailer shows the game pad, it seems to be chargeable through the console itself and has the capacity to accept cartridges.


Screen resolution

One potential limitation is that the screen supposedly renders at a native 720p. This means that there might not be an option to play at 1080p or 4K. The Nvidia graphics is supposed to boost performance but only time will tell what the future holds. At the moment, the 720p limitation is a rumor. And that rumor only mentioned the game pad itself rendering at a native 720p the port options might (and should) be higher.

Official partners

There are already a number of official partners that are willing to develop for the Nintendo Switch. Here is a giant collation of them !

We also saw a glimpse of what looks like someone playing Skyrim. GGs all round.


We have seen multiple different variations/configurations of the switch

Nintendo want to fill a certain void in the gaming industry with this product. They want to fill the gap of gamers who like to sit at home and play with their friends (basically everyone). Its actually a little crazy to think that no one else has tried to do it like Nintendo has. The very first configuration is at the beginning where there is a traditional console standing on a desk. Its owner then gets up to reveal that the main controls slide off which can be used to create a handheld console.

We also see 4 players playing at the same time on two different screens.

Switch controller is called Joy-Con

The Joy-Con looks really cool and intuitive, im sensing the Joy-Con itself is a touch sensitive surface much like the PS4 has.


There is an optional pro controller

This is for those gamers who prefer to sit at home and play, it fills the void that I was talking about earlier between all types of different gamers. Let’s hope these extras are reasonably priced.


The switch uses DS like came cards

This means that you can carry loads of your favorite games around, space saving features like this will just help Nintendo when it releases the switch.


It can stand up on its own

As you can see from this handy .gif, the Nintendo Switch can be used as a stand for perfect on the go gaming. It would be perfect for long haul travel where you have an extendable table in front of you. (shown below)


To conclude

I am pretty excited for this piece of kit. I am hoping it meets my expectations and stuns the crowd. Nintendo has always been an underdog in my opinion when it came to console gaming. Now it seems to be (yet again) at the forefront of new ideas.


<3 from Gemcode.

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