Having bought a Razer Panthera Arcade Stick for £199.99, I was eligible to get this added onto my order for free. A nice surprise, especially considering the premium price tag I had paid. A little anxious and sceptical of an item supposedly priced at £79.99 being bundled on for free I tried my best to approach this review with a clear slate.

First Impressions

My initial thoughts when I looked at the packaging was how annoyingly difficult it was to get into without having to do some irreversible damage to the packaging itself. If you are a freak like me who likes to keep pristine boxes in case of returns, reselling or bragging rights. This piece of kit will definitely keep you up at night.

The design itself is also somewhat – horribly efficient. It has a garish look about it and doesn’t really appeal to me. It’s a bit vulgar and seems as if it has been built with functionality rather than style in mind. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I would definitely love it to look good too.

Build Quality

The headset itself is very well made. The chassis is made from metal as opposed to cheap plastics like we find on other headsets and the cushions are soft and comfortable to skin after long periods of use. However, the earpieces are made from plastic which isn’t a big negative seeing as how the rest of the components and features that make up this headset are all so well built with high strength materials.

The microphone boom is fairly easy to adjust and the wires that surround it have enough tug to support all the adjustment you could ever want. That goes for the rest of the headset too.

Sound Quality

Using these as a gaming headset certainly did the job. Whilst playing a few FPS games I was able to hear an opponent sneaking up behind me only to quickly turn and engage in fire. In terms of performance it certainly meets the requirements.

It can probably double up as a pair of headphones that you could use to listen to Spotify or iTunes but I am sure there are much better products on the market for that type of thing. Plus, do you really want to be walking around the street with a headset that looks like this?

Notable Features

A couple of things to note about this particular product is that the microphone can be taken off and replaced with a small silver knob. This locks into place via magnets and fits in securely. This means that you can use the headset as a dedicated audio solution whilst using something a bit more sophisticated as a microphone. Handy for all you streamers and content creators.

The headset itself can probably be disguised as a non brand headset as there are hardly any Razer logos on the product itself. You have to look very hard to find signs that Razer made this. You can see the Razer logo (if you really want to) on the small screws that can adjust the position of the ear pieces. Small engravings that are somewhat – elegant and subtle. Something other brands can probably take note of instead of plastering their logos across the entire product.


You can’t actually pick this item up from the Official UK Razer Store but you can get it for around £75 on Amazon. A premium price tag that is only somewhat deserved. The vulgar design, lack of thought in the packaging of the product and pretty standard quality just about make this product worth the money. For this price, I would expect some more features and a better design, especially when you compare this to competitor products.


All in all, I have had this microphone for about a month now and I have hardly anything bad to say about it other than the packaging and the price of the product itself.

Gemcode give this headset a 8 out of 10.

It meets the expectations from a company like Razer, but the lack of frustration free packaging, ugly aesthetic as well as the hefty price tag definitely make it less than perfect.

Overall Rating

  • Build Quality 95%
  • Sound Quality 75%
  • Value 70%
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