The Razer Panthera exudes elegance and class. It has a sexy aesthetic that will make anyone drool. It has already received outstanding reviews from other sites and personalities. However, that’s part of the problem, all the other reviews have been written by casual players for a largely niche audience. You might be a casual player too but the fact of the matter is, we need to talk about this sticks performance as well as its cool appeal.

This is a competitive (Tekken) player’s review on the Razer Panthera.

Gamers are a competitive bunch, and when push comes to shove we are always looking for a way to break plateaus and exceed plateaus. We are willing to pay extra to get premium products that will help us take that next step into becoming the best (or at least a better) player. This is exactly the reason the Razer Panthera was created – being the official stick of the Capcom Pro Tour it meets all expectations when it comes to precision, performance and specification.

First Impressions

It is very obvious that Razer have clearly put a lot of thought into making the product feel premium from the get go. The packaging, documentation and the overall presentation of the product gives you a sense of power. You feel like you have just bought a powerful weapon, and with great power comes great responsibility. As you carefully take the Arcade stick out of the packaging, it shines in the light and accentuates its elegant blue decal on its face. The Sanwa buttons and JLF stick are enough to activate your devil gene (Tekken Reference). For a brief moment you feel as if you are in the arcade with Tekken world champions.

It has an aura that demands respect.

Build Quality

When you snap out of euphoria and actually use the stick itself, your expectations of build quality and style are met. The housing of the stick itself is smooth and angular and the front panel leaves plenty of space for your palms to rest. With a click of a button it also allows you to take a glimpse under the hood where you can store different pieces of hardware as well as mod the stick with ease.

Some might be wary that this stick will have the same build quality as the Atrox, however, closer inspection will tell you that Razer have taken some measures to ensure the concerns Atrox users had are addressed.


Out of the box, it comes with a Korean lever as well as a Japanese ball top complete with a handy tool to effortlessly replace the type of handle you want.

The Panthera also features another handy feature, especially for all you cable management freaks. You can easily store your USB cable and detach it from your stick so that you can transport your stick without worrying about damaging your cable.

eing able to open your stick up at the click of one button also makes customisation that much easier. Everything is very nicely labelled and Razer have tried and succeeded at making this stick very easy to customise. With very minimum mess and a very neat design, you would be able to swap out buttons super quick with Razers clever internal design.


Here is what REALLY counts. One of the major factors that people buy new arcade sticks for is the competitive edge that it gives them. Users will often look at its performance to see whether they will be able to execute their frame perfect combos with the weapon of their choice. Well. you will be happy to know that given that this stick was the pro choice for the Capcom Pro Tour. It meets all expectations of a quality stick. Having let this stick been used by a number of professional players (other than myself) at Tekken events, they have had no issues and have all complimented the build quality and high quality components used. One of the outstanding things that had to say were that they were very impressed with Sanwa buttons being stock buttons that come with the stick.


This stick is marketed as a premium product and it most definitely has a premium price tag. Having paid £199.99 for this stick, I was expecting a superb and unrivaled experience. Those expectations were met.

Build quality, aesthetics, performance and its customisable design justified my spend on this particular product. I would have no issues recommending this to any other professional or casual player.


Gemcode give this product a 9/10. A high quality stick for people who want to take their game to the next level. It would have got a ten if it allowed users to customise the top plate. For the moment, it seems as if damage would have to be done to the stick to customise that particular area.

Overall Rating

  • Build Quality 90%
  • Performance 95%
  • Customisation 75%
  • Value 80%
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