A Japanese Developer mixes two genres to bring an anticipated sequel. Mercury Studio is proud to present, Break Arts II. In this game you will be able to customise your robot for a creative and personalised racing experience. The game offers the thrill of racing alongside fellow players with the added layer of battle. Weaponise your robot to become the biggest, baddest robot racer of them all.

It’s predecessor, Break Arts: Cyber Battle Racing, has been improved upon to bring a variety of different changes, upgrades and adaptions. The biggest change comes from the large amount of robot and weapon customisation. You will be able to express yourself in your creation with a near infinite amount of possibility. There are some parts that unfold, come apart and revolve so you can have fun making your dream machine.

This game features beautiful, visual design with some unique and innovative in game features. Horizontal boosting has been added, this is a feature new to the racing genre. You will also be able to select your win pose after the race as the Developers have mentioned that they wont want the game to be without humour. The game will price at $14.99 with GBP and EURO pricing to be revealed closer to the release date. One thing is for sure, you dont want to miss out on all the fun in Break Arts II. The game will be available in English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) as well as Korean.

You can race and destroy your opponents in this game. Make use of the various types of equipment, traps and weapons to become the best. Only time will tell, will your robot will become the top dog?


Check it out on the STEAM STORE PAGE

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