With a variety of different games to take your fancy, its easy to get overwhelmed by choice. Read this buyer’s guide to find out if Torment: Tides of Numenera is right for you!

Torment is a roleplaying game with an innovative and creative twists from the usual RPGs we see emerging in 2017. It concerns itself with carefully thought out choices and dialogue rather than a typical ‘level up your character’ approach found in games like ‘Skyrim’ or ‘Dark souls’. The combat in the game is usually, avoidable. Which might be a negative if you like traditional RPGs where you hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies.

The environments vary greatly and the variance you find in this game will beat the range of visuals you would normally expect in a title. You select your own path and story depending on what you want to do, and this game will definitely be a favourite if you like to read. It is almost like a classic text quest book with modern visuals and graphics to keep you engaged. Be warned that the amount of reading you will HAVE to do will most likely put off a lot of people who are expecting flashy graphics and battles.

The storyline is meticulously woven into the game and more often that not, choices you might think are insignificant or not relevant anymore will change the course of the game and behaviour of people around you. The pacing of the game can also be a little awkward, you hit the climax of a questline only to be met with a wall of text. You will get tempted to skip the dialogue and then later regret this choice when you make a bad decision.

In our opinion you should buy this game if:

  • Enjoy reading
  • Enjoy an innovate RPG that focuses on story depth
  • Like games that are based on user decisions
  • You want to have hours of fun exploring a rich and complicated narrative

You should not buy this game if:

  • You like typical RPGs
  • You play RPGs because of the hack and slash element
  • You like the combat system in typical RPGs such as ‘Skyrim’
  • You just want to play for an odd 30 minutes here and there

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