Asmodee Digital have sold over 10 million units worldwide of the Dobble Franchise. Today, we learn that Asmodee’s Beloved, Best-Selling Card Game Goes Digital, Free-to- Play Today. Enjoy the fast paced, addictive fun on mobile devices for free.

This game features multiple characters, arenas as well as challenges to keep you engaged and having fun. The games vibrant aesthetic and simple game play means that this game is accessible for all age groups. Having the ability to build up bigger combos to score more points whilst the challenges become increasingly difficult will keep keen gamers on their toes.

“Given the enormous popularity of Dobble! with people of all ages around the world, recreating the classic, fan-favourite experience in a digital adaptation was truly a labour of love. We worked hand-in- hand with Virtuos to make Spot It” Duel – A Dobble game one of the best games in the franchise, both for the existing community and newcomers alike,”

– Asmodee Digital

In arena mode each player chooses a Dobble character from their collection to head off against another opponent. Players are matched with someone of equal skill as tougher opponents lie higher up in high skill arenas. The classic Dobble experience comes to life in challenge mode where players can sharpen reflexes and earn themselves special rewards as they conquer different challenges. This will also allow the player to build a collection of Dobbles as they progress.

For more information take a look at the official Asmodee site and social media.

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