In light of the recent Idols DLC release, Super Dungeon Bros will be Free-To-Play until January 25th. During this time Super Dungeon Bros will also be on 75% discount on the base game as well as the DLC. The new DLC aims to adds a cosmetic upgrade for your Bros and Broettes.

You will be able to expand your existing arsenal with a new ranged weapons. There will also be an addition of certain crowd control powers. 8 helmets and a new ultimate will also be released with the Idols DLC.

In Super Dungeon Bros, a band of heavy metal heroes set on a quest from the Gods of Rock. There only aim is to seek out loot and eliminate evil hordes. Featuring a captivating storyline as well as beautiful graphics the game is not one to miss.

Three completely unique worlds wait the heroes that dare to walk them. An underground dungeon complex, brewery built upon a brew geyser and a sprawling jungle filled with venomous organisms. Each dungeon will also be a completely new experience thanks to the innovative room generation. This feature allows for almost limitless potential.

Developer by Utah-based React Games, Super Dungeon Bros is published by Wired Productions and will see its physical release handled by THQ Nordic.

For more Super Dungeon Bros information please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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