Today was the glorious day I got the email from Namco that basically said I would be able to attend the Tekken 7 UK qualifier. A few of the other well known players from the UK scene also managed to get in as well as a few internationally known european players.


More notably players like MBA RooKang, Kane and trench, MBA EZ as well european players like Caiper (I also got selected, but you probably don’t care).

I actually got the experience to play Tekken 7 FR at EGX. Such an amazing game with beautiful visuals, top tekken heads like MBA RooKang, KingJae and SpaghettiRIP were also in attendance. I was so grateful to have them there besides me on the day as they were able to give me some much needed advice which lead to one of the hypest moments of my Tekken career.

Just in case you wanted to see the match, here it is. Mind the recording, my good friend Zaym helped me out as there was no stream or captured gameplay. (See the time stamps in the description if you dont have time):

Needless to say everyone of the entrants will be practicing furiously, the best place to practice for this event would be at MCM at the end of this month. It will most likely have the same version of Tekken that will be at the Namco headquarters in Richmond.

So for everyone who has been invited to this amazing opportunity, make sure you start revising.

There can only be one king of the iron fist tournament.

For all the latest news on Tekken as well as other games, come visit us again. Updates on the qualifier to follow !!!

<3 from Gemcode.

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