In the vast and intricate RPG that is Torment. You can spend an enormous amount of your time fully exploring different story paths and the rich environment that you would be forgiven for forgetting its combat features.

In this game, combat can be avoided through the use of clever wordplay and that will allow you and your allies to carefully navigate your way through trouble without a scratch. It is definitely fair to say that this RPG focuses on its rich and immersive storyline instead of the combat system, which sometimes feels like a side note.

Let us breakdown the combat for you so that you know what you are in for:

Deception, persuasion and stealth can in most cases avoid most combat, though pick the wrong dialogue option or even experience some bad luck and you got yourself a fight. (success in dialogue is based on luck and is not a sure fire option).

The combat itself is turn based which might not be a RPG fan favourite as we see so many RPGs that have a heavy emphasis on the combat itself. It can feel a little clunky and slow at times and definitely does not flow as easy compared to other titles such as Final Fantasy 7 and 8 where the turn based strategy has been streamlined. Positioning of characters, nearby interactive environment elements and number of foes will all play a significant role in how the battle plays out.

The completion of quests and discovering new parts of the game will grant you experience points which you can use to level up 3 stats; might, speed and intellect. This will allow you to use a variety of new skills, after advancement of certain stats you will be granted new abilities. Similar to a skill tree system that you often see in many other RPGs (very similar to shadow of mordor).

You can also get access to powerful devices called ciphers which grant you awesome power. Each cipher is completely unique and is consumable, after one use, the cipher disappears completely. Carrying too many of these powerful devices will have negative impacts on your combat abilities. This encourages you to use the ciphers progressively throughout the game instead of saving them all for a single fight. That being said, you can increase your cipher limit.

As the environment is interactive, so are in game characters. You can recruit them for your cause which give you full control over them during combat. The turn based combat itself can then become very complicated and diverse, as you use each of your parties different abilities and ciphers you can develop a very unique way of utilising each character.

Another interesting feature of the combat system is the ability to talk to enemies mid combat to persuade them to stop fighting. In some cases, killing the leader or most influential member of the group will reduce the morale of the other enemies who might surrender or runaway. If all else does fail and you do die, you access a part of the game where you can access your character’s mind to uncover secrets and tricks.

Remember, death is not the end.

<3 from Gemcode

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