Whats up guys, its Trollimitzu from Gemcode with the the second installment of 3 minute reviews.

We will be changing the format of the review for this video, we looked back on our other videos and realised that we could probably do a LOT better.

Let us know in the comment section if you did enjoy this. We would love that small piece of your time for feedback. It means the world to the Gemcode team.

Anyway, without further delay let’s get into reviewing this masterpiece of a game.

Is it any good?

First of all, let’s talk about the game play. A big part of the game that sets the foundation for the overall enjoyment factor of a title like Titanfall

My first thoughts when I played this game (online play) was that it was overwhelming and that there was a LOT going on.

After a couple of games I was able to pick up on the fundamental mechanics that you will need to master to become good at this game.

The game is also surprisingly well balanced.

Though, i have heard that the first Titanfall was not very well balanced and that Titans were basically one man armies.

This is not true in the sequel at all, the titans are very vulnerable and the shields do not regenerate like in the first game.

This makes Titans very susceptible to anti titan weapons and other titans.

Fighting a Titan does not mean death anymore, it will still be hard to kill the titan BUT it is much more realistic to take one down.

This means the game can be enjoyed by everyone and you don’t need to smash your graphics card up against the wall every time an enemy titan appears.

The graphics for this game, I think they are good but I don’t think they are the best. It does the job and for the purposes of a FPS game what more do you need?

They definitely did not try that extra bit harder to make the graphics phenomenal.

Which I kinda agree with because if there is even a 1% change that the uplift in graphics would cause the development team to neglect the other parts of the game.


There are some nice visuals in the game, especially the focus on laser weapons which unsurprisingly have their own design and fire animations.

These smaller differences and nuances do help create a better experience for the user.

The storyline is surprisingly innovative. Each different ‘level’ makes use of new mechanics that make the singe player content engaging and creative.

Though, I wont say too much because you will be in for a shock when you complete the single player campaign.

<3 from Gemcode.

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