Whether you’ve read our previous articles, seen gameplay or have experienced the phenomenon for yourself, one thing’s for sure; Torment; Tides of Numenera is as unique as they come.

Sure, the game might be a part of a dying breed; but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  It has done a great job of catering for a specific niche… after all, you can’t really please everyone, right?

Without further ado, let’s get into the bulk of the article. Here’s Torment; everything we know so far:

1) Everything is centered around you:

This isn’t an RPG where you fight the “baddy” at the end. This is a story about you. You could say that the character you build is a direct reflection of your own personality, as the decisions you make transform YOU and how others interact WITH YOU.

Video Game Designer George Ziets, who has been working on Torment, reinforced this idea. In an interview, he stated:

“It’s not a story about saving the world…It’s a story about you, the player. It’s a personal story about the choices that you make.”

Be careful what you do as everything has consequences! It’s NOT GTA. You can’t go on a rampage then escape the police by changing the colour of your car…

2) It is dialogue focused:

As you follow your character’s journey and development throughout this game, you’ll start to realise most of it is based on the dialogue. In previous articles, I have described it as reading an interactive book, with you (the player) breathing life into your character. Before you play this RPG, consider the fact that you’ll be reading dialogue most of the time.

If you like books and RPGs, this will basically be hitting two birds with one stone!

3) A blend of realism and magic:

At this point, you may find yourself asking where any sort of realism can be found in spellcasting and magical creatures. Well, the realism element lies within the core concept that there will be consequences.

These repercussions will be positive or negative, depending on what path you choose and the decisions you make! This leads me perfectly onto the next point…

4) Storytelling genius:

As well as having a personalised story that is moulded by your decisions, the core storytelling genius behind this game is epic.

You are a previous incarnation of a once good being. You awake falling from the sky and are thrown into the action right from the get-go! Every action you take from there on decided your fate…

As mentioned in other articles, the visually captivating scenes are the cherry on top of the cake for this game. Simple yet elegant settings are scattered throughout the game, making it that much better. Whilst the reading element of the game may bother some, it will be gaming paradise for those keen readers!

We hope you enjoyed this article and hope you find our other articles of value to you. If there is something you want us to update or write about just get in contact with us at: [email protected]. We are here to make you happy and to serve.

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