Steve Jobs once said that innovation “distinguishes between a leader and a follower” and I don’t see why this can’t apply to the gaming industry. Over the past few years we’ve seen more growth in gaming accessories and consoles than ever before! Especially with the likes of Oculus rift and general VR capabilities making their way into the common household.

With that being said, I believe that Torment; Tides of Numenera is displaying the same innovative traits, paving the way for future RPGs (just as it once did with Planescape: Torment).

Here’s why I believe Torment: Tides of Numenera is as innovative as it gets:

1) Captivating story:

Not just captivating, but crafted entirely by you! Although you may not always feel in control (due to overwhelm at certain points in the game), the outcome of the game changes with each and every decision you make.

2) The unknown:

As well as having an air of mystery surrounding the game, the unknown factor (which plays a part when you attempt pick desirable outcomes), really keeps the game interesting/enticing.

Fun Fact: Torment; tides of numenera was the fastest kickstarter campaign to reach $1million (initial goal was only $900k)

3) Character development:

The general look and aesthetic of your character may end with initial character creation; however, you never stop growing. The unique “tide system” defines you and your actions, meaning you will experience real consequences for your actions.

Read more about the tide system in this other article:

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4) Emphasis on dialogue:

As you can probably tell by now, the whole game is linked – everything you do, all the way down to how you reply to someone in a conversation, matters.

As an example of Torment’s innovative design, read the following:

In any normal RPG, if an NPC has spotted you it’s most likely going to kill you…with Torment this is not always the same. Even though a character or NPC may initially pose a threat, you can talk your way out of trouble. This is a great feature for the game as we all know sometimes you just want to get passed a guard or gate-keeper without having to fight him/her!

Whilst the dialogue is very unique and helps build a story that’s truly bespoke to you, it may also be the game’s biggest downfall. Don’t get me wrong, personally, I love the dialogue. However, at times it can be quite extensive.

Although this doesn’t bother me, others may not want to do as much reading.

The way I think about it; it’s like bringing a book to life, with you having complete control of the main character, which the story revolves around. If you find this appealing and enjoy reading, you’re going to love this game hands down.

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