FInal Score

The Town of Light is a diamond in the rough – but it is the rough edges that give this game its charm and appeal. A game that left me feeling a certain way even after being aware of the fact that you as the player can only control some of the story line.

You seem to play the role of Renées’ inner psyche, expelling painful memories, recreating the environment as well as manifesting flashbacks. A number of endings are available to you depending on how much you choose to uncover through Renées’ rehabilitation. The game itself does guide you through to the ending as you are somewhat limited by what the developers want you to do. Not necessarily a bad thing I might add.

Perhaps the game’s limitations come from its roots, originally created as a tourist exhibition, it evolved into something more interactive and game like. Game progression is often made by following through with the voice over that can be heard. And hey, if you get stuck you can always ask for hints by pressing the ‘H’ key.

A welcome addition to the genre of walking simulators, it thrives on its ability to connect you to the main character. Not your typical protagonist, this game takes a good turn at dealing with the difficult issue of mental health.

The games environment reveals what use to be of this old building and serve as gentle reminder to the main character. Not through interaction, but through the way the game makes you connect to Renée. With each stage of the game that is passed, Renée grows a little more content with the memory of her past and her current self.

Though, the story of Renée does lead us to believe that she is incapable of change and is a victim of her mental health.

The game also attempts to touch on the sensitive subject of caregivers in the mental health industry. The duality that is genuinely good people alongside people devoid of compassion. The game does make use of the Renées’ mental state by playing through hallucinations and using her questionable state of mind to play on scenes you might find in a horror game. Though, there aren’t many horror themed nuances in the game, they certainly are a welcome addition.

All in all we give this game a 7 out of 10.

<3 from Gemcode.

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