Contemporary Arcade Controller Features Cross Format Compatibility and Authentic Arcade Design

A brand new fighting game controller was released by Venom® one of the leading quality gaming accessory providers in the UK. The Arcade Fight Stick is a arcade controller that is cross compatible with all consoles and PC

The Venom Multi-Format 8 Button Arcade Stick

The Arcade Fight Stick has been designed entirely with gamer performance in mind. Whether you’ve got the controller on your lap or on a table or desk, the design compliments any scenario you may find yourself in for superior performance and comfort.

Also being easily portable, the arcade stick can be taken with you wherever you want to game.

Venom 8 Button Arcade Stick


The Arcade Fight Stick’s button layout has been designed like most arcade sticks available in the market today; an eight button layout with a ball-top joystick placed on the side. On the top left of the controller there are buttons allowing users to change options for console or PC compatibility as well as various option and turbo buttons.

The materials used to make this Arcade Stick are top of the line allowing for a longer lifetime; and the ability to withstand the infamous gamer rage. Modding has also been made relatively easy on this controller as components can be swapped out without much effort.

Another extremely convenient feature of this arcade stick is a three metre cable that allows players to sit quite a fair distance away from their TV screen or monitor when they want to game; not that many are likely to.

Tom Hodge, Director of Sales for Venom® has said “The recent success of TEKKEN®7 has shown how popular the fighting game genre continues to be, and gamers looking to recreate the precession and authenticity of the arcade scene will always gravitate towards a specialty controller such as our Arcade Fight Stick,” also stating “Our stick features true cross-format compatibility, a huge bonus for gamers who play across multiple formats. We believe that gamers will respond enthusiastically to the value and quality offered by our stick and expect to increase our market share in the controller category through its release at retail.”

The Arcade Fight Stick retails for an SRP of £59.99 and is available at Amazon alongside all leading gaming retailers.

For more information visit the official site of Venom® and follow Venom® on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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