With all the hype surround the Nintendo Switch I was eager and excited to hear I would be getting a pair of switch wheels to review. As soon as they arrived I teared open the package to find two seemingly small wheels. I popped over to a friends house to play some Mario Kart 8 so that I can get a second opinion as well as make my own.

Competitive Edge

They probably were not made for competitive game play but it’s worth mentioning that these accessories probably will not make you any better at the game. When I observed a group of 4 people play the game I noticed that people using the wheels did attempt to use the tilt control, if only for a few seconds. They quickly switched to keep the wheel as still as possible and using the default controls.

When asked about whether this accessory improved their skill level in the game. Condescending remarks were made towards my intelligence as someone who had just observed what had happened. That is to say, this accessory is not made to make you a better Mario Kart 8 player. (Obviously)


The way a controller fits into your hands is a big part of any gamer’s experience. I imagine companies struggle with the idea of creating a product that has a split demographic of children and adults. This is outlined in the way the controller currently fits in a normal sized adults hand.

A little bit tricky to grip with both hands, each of the people who used the controller had their fingers overlapping and did express their slight discomfort in the way the controller fit in their hand. However, younger audiences had a completely different experience and loved the way it fit. Taking this into consideration, it’s safe to say that this product was made for children.

Build Quality

These wheels are made out of plastic, as you would expect for a product with a small price tag. Though in the process of using these wheels they were dropped from about a metre or so onto the ground without so much as a scratch or crack, it’s fair to say that they can take a beating. The way the switch controllers fit into the dock of the wheels can be a little frustrating. Some people were able to do it without a problem others were a little more gentle and were afraid of breaking either the controllers itself or the wheel.

In the end, once the group had gotten use to the way it docks in it was easy for them to swap out and use the wheels.

Fun Factor

These wheels were obviously not made for competitive play and were also probably made with a younger demographic in mind. Though, the amount of fun that was derived from using these was a saving grace. All the people who had used this product in our test did say that they had more fun, more smack talk and more things to say to other competitors when the wheels were used.

Ultimately the reason we play games, especially games like Mario Kart 8 is to have fun with our friends. For this reason Gemcode give the switch wheels a solid 7.5 out of 10.

Overall Rating

  • Competitive Edge 60%
  • Ergonomics 60%
  • Build Quality 80%
  • Fun Factor 100%
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